Author Topic: Phone 101 to report Illegal MX & Quad bike use  (Read 3218 times)


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Phone 101 to report Illegal MX & Quad bike use
« on: January 20, 2011, 11:25:13 AM »
If you see MX or Quad bikes using mountain bike trails please Phone 101 imediately this is the police non emergency number, (if there is violence or intimidation involved phone 999)

MX bikes are fun, I know that many mountain bikers are MX riders as well and, I don't want to come over as anti MX because I'm not. What I am anti is MX bikes on mountain bike trails. This is because MX bikes destroy mountain bike trails (you know the ones that we all love riding and some of us spend many hours building), they are also dangerous to mountain bikers who are using them, especially as it's usually more fun riding up a mountain bike trail on an MX bike than it is riding down one!

This is the advice that I have been given by the police. Reporting incidents will mean that they are logged and will help to give the police an accurate picture on what is going on. Phoning 101 at the time of the incident will give the police a chance to get to the scene and deal with it.
I have been told that the Swansea Police have requested a dedicated off road motorbike team to deal with these sorts of issues and reporting incidents will help to strengthen their case.

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Maybe, just maybe, one bike isn't enough after all